The Wakefield Story

The Wakefield Story


The Wakefield Seventh-day Adventist Church exists to exalt the Word of God, be a worshipping community where intimacy with God is fostered. We are Witnesses of a loving Savior as we influence our community for the glory of God. 

We are a caring community of faithful believers who espouse five (5) core values:  The Word, Worship, Welcome, Witness and Wellness. The 5 W's of Wakefield SDA permeate everything we do. We strive to provide a safe space where people will feel valued and nurtured in a Christian setting. We firmly believe in the proclamation of the Gospel of peace so that men and women can be ready for the soon return of Jesus.


The Wakefield Seventh-day Adventist Church was established in December 2009. The church is the product of a merger between the Living Waters and Mizpah SDA churches.

The former Living Waters SDA Church was organized as a church in 1990 with its first assigned Pastor being Pastor Oriel Thomas.  Living Waters was the fourth daughter of North Bronx SDA Church. During its 20 years history, the church had indeed, been through many waters, and traveling periods.  She had changed location more than six times and was still searching for an earthly home. Then she decided to unite with her sister the former Mizpah SDA Church — the fifth daughter of North Bronx.  The former Mizpah SDA Church was established out of an evangelistic effort conducted by Dr. G. Earl Knight in 1999.  Pastor Alan Hay served as the very first Pastor.  October 20, 2001, was a significant day for that body of believers as they were accepted as an organized Church of the Greater New York Conference.


Living Waters and Mizpah was always seeking their own home. Mid-summer of 2009, they both learned that the St. Paul’s Lutheran Church located at 729 Cranford Avenue in the Bronx, NY 10467 was up for sale.   But the price was too high for each church. They got word that they desired the same place. Little did they know that God had orchestrated it all! Not before too long all the missing bits fell perfectly into place. Both churches voted to “grow in faith together” to impact and transform the community of Wakefield—Mizpah on July 18, 2009, under the leadership of Pastor Desta Zabolotney and Living Waters, July 25, 2009, under the guidance of Pastor Neylon Samuel.   November 6, 2009, went down in history as the date Mizpah and Living Waters purchased their home.  November 6, 2009, was indeed a time of new beginning, the daughters were given a new name—Wakefield Seventh-day Adventist Church!  In December of 2009, The Greater New York Conference Executive Body voted to accept the churches' merge request, their new name and to make a recommendation accordingly at the Conference Session in September of 2010.  At the end of December 2009, Living Waters numbered 109 members, and Mizpah numbered 66 members.

               January 2, 2010, was a joyous and long anticipated day as Wakefield SDA Church members welcomed the first day of worship in their own home. Since that time, we have been blessed by under-shepherds who love the Lord. The church was blessed with the dynamic and stellar leadership of Pastor Julian Jones-Campbell. During her tenure, the church grew, and many great strides were made. After Pastor Jones-Campbell's departure, the church welcomed Pastor Conrad White, whose focus on technology and training brought the church to the next level.


On May 27, 2017, our church welcomed our new Pastor and his family. Pastor Desmond C. Haye, Stacey Ann, and Caleb are now a part of the Wakefield story as we write a new chapter with God.